(Die Biographie in deutscher Sprache)

In show business, his name is like a promise. Ever since he won the American “Golden Lion Award”, Florian Zimmer is considered THE international shooting star among modern trick artists. He is now about to keep the promise he made as a teenager, when all hopes were already on him. As the current European Champion of Magic, he has been receiving a lot of premature praise in recent time. At the young age of 23, he was already reckoned one of the most talented magicians of his generation. When he was 25, he was the first and only German magician ever to receive the highest award from Siegfried & Roy. Considering his ambitious way to the top, it is no surprise that the up-and-coming magician’s reaction to his early success is pretty relaxed.

According to legend, watching a professional magician at a family celebration should change 10-year-old Florian’s live forever. Years before the literary birth of Harry Potter, he discovers the passion of his life in old magical books. As a teenager, he devours all specialist literature in this field, thus slowly gaining access to a world that normally does not grant access to youngsters. However, instead of pulling rabbits out of old hats, he develops his own idea of how his magic should look like and appeal.

Florian Zimmer is a self-taught artist. He learned his artistry like a trade from the bottom up and gained remarkable confidence on stage due to numerous performances at a young age. And he is a restless performer, always seeking for the perfect illusion. When it comes to teaching cards how to fly or making spray cans spit fire, he leaves no detail to chance. The charismatic young magician even starts to conjure proper BMX bikes out of nowhere! For seven or eight years, he feverishly works on a ten-minute performance which finally helps him break through. With his award-winning competition performance “Color of Magic”, the European newcomer who is still a schoolboy at the time turns from an insider’s tip into a real trendsetter. His internationally acclaimed and stylish graffiti performance shows him in an urban, backyard-style street look, while the urban sound of hip band “Gorillaz” blasts out of the speakers. It is Zimmer’s juvenile enthusiasm and new, original approach that make his show seem like a manifesto. His inimitable technique fascinates and puzzles even the greatest experts of his business. After having witnessed Zimmer’s ten-minute unique and innovative performance, David Copperfield’s stage director Bob Fitch speaks of an epiphany.

During exclusive close-up shows, the young illusionist shows skills that no other magician in the world is able to present. And news like that spread like wildfire. His graffiti sprayer act soon becomes one of the most popular performances in Europe. In France, millions of people are glued to their TVs, fascinated by Zimmer’s illusions. Eventually, the 25-year-old German and European Champion conquers Las Vegas, the city of shows and glamour. Invited by Siegfried & Roy themselves, Zimmer travels to Nevada to celebrate his US premiere and to bag yet another award in front of showbiz insiders from all over the world. “Florian Zimmer’s magic is innovative, entertaining and highly creative”, Siegfried praises his young German colleague during the solemn award ceremony for the academy award of the world of magic.

Even Michael Jackson asks for a private audience with the up-and-coming star. During a private performance of Florian Zimmer’s show “Face to Face”, the King of Pop becomes a declared fan. If you see Zimmer live on stage, you experience a cool, self-deprecating guy without any kind of secret-mongering or mystic frippery. When he leaves the stage during his performances to face the audience eye-to-eye and astonish them by doing inexplicable things, seasoned business men’s reactions to the guy with the swift fingers are almost like those of little children. When he takes to the streets surrounded by cameras to give his contemporaries a taste of magic, he gives his trade a badly needed update in terms of coolness.

For now, the renowned master of magic is at the peak of his career and prepared to take risks. With his public stunt “Smash it”, Zimmer follows in the steps of Houdini in his Saturday night show. In front of a live audience and the viewing public, he puts on a straitjacket before stepping into a burning wooden box for a spectacular escapology experiment. When a 5 ton monster truck crashes onto the box with a big bang and the fire brigade steps in, everything looks like an accident at first glance. In reality, Florian Zimmer’s successful public stunt debut gives an impressive insight into modern magic. It is particularly his diversity that has made him an internationally popular entertainer. No matter if it is with the princely family of Monaco or in a packed club in London – Zimmer is always in his element and knows how to push the right buttons. From his early youth on, this man has been a visionary who thinks big. He unerringly strikes new paths for his extraordinary illusions, like climbing into burning boxes or defying gravity.

With great commitment and outstanding sleight of hand, Florian Zimmer has disassembled the science of magic to present something completely new. Thanks to his inventive way of working, he instinctively avoids old standard solutions and breaks with common conventions. There he finally is – a charismatic European magician who is not afraid of the mainstream. Watch this space…

(Die Biographie in deutscher Sprache)